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Esophageal Inlets Never Looked So Clear.



As the world's first, FDA-cleared disposable camera that seamlessly connects to a transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) probe, TEECAD provides physicians with real-time visualization during intubation and promotes more efficient and effective probe placement.

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With TEECAD, there is no need to navigate blind

TEECAD Delivers:

  • Precise and clear images of the esophagus

  • Seamless attachment to TEE probe

  • Atraumatic, soft silicone design; adding minimal diameter

View TEECAD footage in action and hear first-hand physician experience. Click "Watch TEECAD in Action" button for more.

Blind Intubation vs. TEECAD-Assisted Intubation

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"TEECAD shows promise as a novel, but essential, device for cardiology TEE intubation."

- Sunil Mankad, MD
Mayo Clinic Rochester


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First Pass Intubation Success

No need to navigate blind - 91% first pass achieved with sighted intubation vs. 44% first pass achieved with blind intubation.


Reduce Complications

 Drive with the lights on -  clinical data demonstrates that sight-guided TEE intubations reduce oropharyngeal injuries by 50%


Reduce Cost-of-Care

No additional staff needs to be called in and use of real-time visualization to guide intubation reduces costly TEE complications

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Stan Weissbrot

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