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Let's Be Clear

Real-time Visualization is

Essential to TEE Intubation

Now is the Time for TEECAD


The world's first, FDA-cleared, disposable camera that seamlessly connects to a transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) probe, providing physicians real-time visualization for more efficient and effective probe placement to support first pass intubation success.

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With TEECAD, there is no need to navigate blind

TEE is the gold standard for imaging heart valves and atria, however physicians currently place TEE ultrasound probes blindly resulting in failed intubations that can lead to major complications such as esophageal or pharyngeal perforation.

TEECAD's real-time visualization provides precise and clear images during TEE probe placement. Download our latest white paper to learn about a 15 patient series with TEECAD at a world-renowned heart center. 

View TEECAD footage in action and hear first-hand physician experience. Click "Watch TEECAD in Action" button for more.


Blind Intubation vs. TEECAD-Assisted Intubation

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"TEECAD shows promise as a novel, but essential, device for cardiology TEE intubation."

- Sunil Mankad, MD
Mayo Clinic Rochester


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First Pass Intubation Success

No need to navigate blind - provides precise and clear images of the esophagus and potential obstructions or diseases

Reduce Complications

 Drive with the lights on clinical data demonstrates that sight-guided TEE intubations reduce oropharyngeal injuries by 50%



Reduce Cost-of-Care

No additional staff needs to be called in and use of real-time visualization to guide intubation reduces costly TEE complications


Recent News

Board of Directors

David Marmor MD.png

David Marmor, MD

Founder & CMO


Focus on non-invasive imaging

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Christine Horton

President & CEO

30 years MedTech

Cardiovascular Systems, eV3, CoreSpine Techologies

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Kathy Tune

Board Chair & CFO/COO Marani Health

25+ years healthcare and venture investing

Fourth Element Capital, Thomas, McNerney & Partners


Paul Quadros

30+ years healthcare and venture investing

Tenex Greenhouse Ventures, Corautus Genetics, Cardiac Science

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Stan Weissbrot

Angel Investor & Board Member

Allstate, Five Star Diamond Holdings


Mike Black

VP / GM Consumbles, Zoll

Former CEO of Advanced Circulatory Systems

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